I was telling my mom about my juice cleanse and she told me she had a juice mixer somewhere in the basement. We go downstairs and dig around and I find out that she has a ten year old unopened Vita-Mix sitting underneath a bunch of junk. WHAT?! I brought it back to my place and cracked it open. SO FRIGGIN EXCITED to try it! I’m sure it’s not as amazing and high-tech as the latest version, but it sure can do more than my dinky little magic bullet knock off from target.
Maybe with this, I’ll substitute occasional meals for juices every now and then… maybe :-)


So we survived the cleanse. I have to say, it was quite the experience. Afterwards, it wasn’t hard getting back into solid foods at all. Everything tasted wonderful. We made sandwiches for lunch everyday and tried different “healthy” meals for dinner.The first day off the cleanse we had cereal, sandwiches, carrots and a chicken salad for dinner. Everything tasted amazing, but I also realized we had to make our portions smaller since our stomachs had shrunk and it didn’t take much to get us full.
I think one thing I realized during the cleanse is that sometimes I just eat to eat. Especially at work, there’s a chocolate box and snacks in the kitchen that people just go into all the time. You get offered a piece of candy and you just take it without even questioning whether you actually want it. I surprised myself with the amount of self control I had after the cleanse. My boss bought the office lunch and I surprised myself when I opted out for my turkey avocado sandwich while everyone munched on fried goodness. I thought it was going to be hard, but I think after getting those cravings out of my system, I don’t feel as tempted to have the fried goodness. We did take a break from the health craze and had a costco pizza on Friday night, but I think indulging every now and then can’t hurt. I don’t think I’ll be doing another cleanse any time soon, but I think this might be something I may want to do for my body once a year. I think it’s worth it just to reset my system and have a new found appreciation for food.



The bf and I decided to do start a 3 day juice cleanse. We found a groupon deal for Jus by Julie and ordered away.

We agreed that it was time to try and start eating better and taking care of ourselves. We started exercising more, but eating healthy was so hard. With exercise, you just want meat meat meat! So we decided to start a cleanse, rid our bodies of all the sugar, salt and grease it’s constantly craving (god, that sounds amazing right now), and hopefully start eating healthier. Now to google healthy eats. I seem to struggle with finding good healthy recipes that fit our budget and that we’ll actually enjoy eating, so I’m hoping this cleanse will help make the healthy eats more appealing 😛

It came right on time Friday AM, and we started our cleanse Saturday. My first mistake: not taking off work. I’m sure working is totally fine through a cleanse, but working at a cupcake shop? oh heck no. I can’t remember the last time any of these cupcakes appealed to me in any shape or form, but yesterday? Every single cupcake a customer ordered sounded heavenly. And when they asked me what I’d recommend? EVERYTHING! THEY ALL SOUND AMAZING RIGHT NOW. It was pure torture watching them munch down on a red velvet as I sipped on my acai berry juice. Even the fondant looked delicious!!  Not to mention, it seemed to be an evening where everyone wanted Five Guys, which is the worse smell to have around when you’re trying to eat healthy. I also had a headache throughout the day, but I’m not sure if that was from the vodka the night before or the lack of coffee 😛

We’re on day two right now and I’m HANGRY… sike. no, but really, I really want something to chew on. I actually woke up feeling pretty good and energized. The first juice of the morning is the WORSE. Morning glory? We call it moaning glory. We just try to get it down as fast as possible. Bf can chug it down all at once,but   it takes me 5 solid chugs to get the stuff down- torturous. It’s a blend of romaine, celery, spinach, apple, kale, banana, strawberry and water. uhm, so where’s the apple, banana and strawberry? cuz all i taste is celery and lettuce. The third and sixth drink of the day, sweet spin(spinach,kale,pineapple,banana,mango) taste better to me, but still not my favorite. Maybe I’m just not a green juice kind of person. I’m looking forward to starting juice 2 which is a lemonade cayenne blend. delish!

We’ve actually been “cheating” by having a some egg whites and carrots in the afternoon and evening, but I don’t think I could complete this cleanse without it. Yes, I just don’t have that kind of self control, but I also don’t want my body to think I’m starving it or anything. They say there’s plenty of protein in these juices, but I just need something to noms on.  I’ll never look at an egg white or carrot the same way again. It feels like the best thing I’ve eaten in forever. The sensation kind of reminds me of eating when camping. When you finally get to sit down and grab a bite to eat in the woods, it’s like the food came out of a five start restaurant it tastes so amazing.

Hopefully we’ll survive through day 3. We have egg whites, sandwiches and salads to start off our system once it’s over and I can’t wait to chomp on something crunchy again.


sums up my day

preschooler: *comes in from outside screaming*There’s something in my pants!There’s something in my pants!
me: What? Did you get a woodchip in your pants?
preschooler: I don’t know.*goes in stall* Oh come look!! There IS something in my pants!!
me: What is it?*now thinking it’s a bug*
preschooler: I don’t know
me: omg…you pooped in your pants!!
preschooler: ohh it’s everywhere!!
me: why aren’t you wearing underwear?!
preschooler: I don’t know… It was dirty this morning so I took it off.

Two hours of my life wasted

Our new IT Director is a tard. Seriously. Dufus. We’ve been stuck with a few problems for a couple of weeks with outlook and our color printer. Now, yes, I’ve googled these issues and tried to find answers on how to fix them, but it seems to be out of my league. So hey, we hired this new fancy IT guy who’s supposed to be amazing, so why not use him for what he’s paid for? Well, I found out , after losing two hrs of my work day, he’s an idiot. I spend forever trying to explain my problem to him (AGAIN) and he still can’t seem to get it. So I leave him for a while and let him mess around with my laptop for a bit. At the end of two hrs he says”Well I tried to fix the problem so you don’t have to bring it into my office, but I made the problem worse and now your email isn’t working.” And then after looking at the printer, he says “print another test run… ok that’s worse too” and runs out of there not resolving a thing. What the hell are we paying you for?!
My boss was right. She told me just cuz people look good on paper, doesn’t mean they’re actually good at what you want to hire them for. She said she looks at lots of resumes and for some reason, a lot of the fancy schamcy ones usually turn out to be awful candidates for the job. UGH

Blast from the Past

My bestie informed my that is closing in three days. It’s crazy. We spent most of high school blogging our lives there. After reading my old entries, I’m pretty embarrassed. I was a terrible writer, but I was writing my thoughts as they came out. I spoke in weird internet slang and used “…” way too much. Most of the time, I never had anything to talk about. I just talked in circles! It’s slightly amusing, so I thought I’d share.


okay, let’s just skip spring and go straight to summer…
In other news, word has it that cicadas are coming around this summer. They say they’re confused or something b/c of the drastic weather changes and what not. not cool. I planned my getaway for 17 yrs from the last time they were around. not cool.

My Mogley



We had to say good bye to Marley :-( He had to go live with his grandmother. He seemed to be having an issue with peeing and pooping in the basement.I think he had an issue with the basement being Diesel’s territory. At first it wasn’t all that bad, but it got worse and worse so he had to go.


I’m honestly not okay with it, but I know it’s not my call to make since I don’t own the house or anything. I knew when he came it was a trial period where they were going to test his relationship with Diesel and he seemed to be fine!… Except that he’d eat all of Diesel’s food when he wasn’t looking… that’s Diesel’s fault for being so picky though. Spoiled dog won’t eat his dinner unless you mix some kind of lunch meat in with it. But he’s been here for months and was like my own dog! He’d cuddle with me after work until his owner went to bed. I still don’t understand why the basement door couldn’t just be kept shut but again, not like I own the place.

I struggled for the first few days… then I went out and found a replacement. Meet Betta Marley Jr. and his African Dwarf friends Ziggy and Damion. Actually, that’s just Ziggy cuz Damians a bit more shy, but he’s coming around. They’re obviously harder to cuddle with, but the aquarium set up and betta/ dwarf frog research has done a good job of getting my mind off of Marley. The African Dwarf Frogs are actually kind of a pain to feed. At first, I tried to feed them with chopsticks, but I couldn’t find long enough chopsticks here, and my hand would eventually hurt from holding their food over their head. And possible asian fail, but it was really difficult to grasp individual blood worms. BF ordered these long plant tweezers which are much easier to use. Feeding time is a breeze. I was worried for a bit that they wouldn’t get along, but they usually keep to themselves. Sometimes ziggy and damian get a little crazy with their swimming and get in marley jr’s space and he’ll start flaring, but overall they seem to get along. They’re such silly little critters. Sometimes they’ll fall over and play dead (Marley couldn’t even do that!) and then sometimes they’ll swim like crazy maniacs all over the place with no real objective (very Marley like).

marleyjr     ziggy

They’ve been a good distraction, but I still miss Marley and am googling samoyed puppies on a daily basis. Luckily, Marley is coming home this weekend to visit while is grandmother is out of town. YAY! CUDDLE TIME!

Dirty Car

So my car looks gross after spitting rain and wet snow… But I can’t bring myself to take it to a car wash or anything because it’s never made sense to me… It’s gonna rain on Friday… so why bother? There’s always some kind of rain in the forecast so it’s really hard for me to spend that $10 on getting my car washed just to have it squeaky clean for a few days before it rains. The inside of my car however… is a completely different story >_< I used to have a problem with a small messy bedroom… you can’t imagine what the inside of my car looks like.



Mechanic roomie told me that it’s important to get a car wash at least once after winter to make sure you get all the salt off the bottom of your car to prevent rusting. Ya learn somethin new everyday.

saving daylight

Stupid. It didn’t bother me so much yesterday b.c I got to sleep in, but it definitely hit me this morning trying to get up for work. grr. BUT I did appreciate driving home in some light for a change. I’m not a fan of driving at night. I don’t think I have very good night vision and it makes me all sorts of paranoid.