Sleepless Mornings

I am so sick of this.

I’ve been waking up at random hours of the morning before my alarm goes off and it’s bugging the heck outta me. One thing I hate the most is being woken up within an hour before my alarm goes off. It irks the heck outta me and it’ll usually make me grumpy for most of the day. But now I’m waking up throughout the morning before my alarm goes off and it’s driving me insane. I think it’s built up anxiety since I slept through work one time and a month later was 2 hours late for my most important class- my internship. I figured out later that I had to keep my cell phone on my bookshelf away from me instead of in bed with me, so that I wouldn’t subconsciously put it on snooze so many times. But even with that in mind, I still can’t convince my mind to sleep through the mornings. Just Monday I woke up at every hour from 6am-10am and I didn’t even have to get up till 11… The one day of the week I get a 12:30 class and I can’t sleep through the morning. One week, it was every day!! Sometimes it even happens with my naps. I have to take these 40min naps in between class and work otherwise I’m doomed when it comes down to homework time. I wake up in a frenzy, reach for my phone to figure out whether or not I’m late, and then put my phone back, lay back down and try to fall back asleep. It’s nuts and it’s been going on for weeks now and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get myself to sleep through the morning… and the grumpy days just keep on coming.

Early Mornings

My 6:30 shifts are usually on Fridays but this week I’m working the Saturday morning shift as well because I had to swap with someone so I could go home early last week to hang out with the cousins. These shifts have got to be the worst. Unless I’m catching up on my tv online(which I took care of yesterday), the morning goes by so slowly. With the amount of work I have piled up this semester, there just isn’t any time for homework during commercial breaks. Of course there’s always homework to attack during my morning shift… but I figured why not start the first entry of my blog instead? 311 says it best- There’s always an excuse when you need one. However, I did finish reading this chapter book for one of my classes. Every now and then we get to choose from a list of elementary chapter books that reflect a type of literature we’re learning in class. So far, I’ve read  Esperanza Rising, The Hatchet(which I read back in the day, but I just wanted to read it again), Holes, A Corner of the Universe, and I just finished Number the Stars when I got here this morning. I feel like a kid sometimes, but I don’t care, these books are great. Takes me back to the old days when I used to read for fun and actually enjoyed it. We talked about this in my lit class. After a while, reading became a bore because it was always assigned reading that came with essays and such. At least that’s how I got pulled away from it. I went through this period where I hated reading books of all sorts. No idea why, I just preferred watching movies and tv. Nowadays, inching my way through the eled program, in between all nostalgia that comes with the children’s book analysis, I can actually pick up a book to read for fun. Strange, I know, but quite the breakthrough for me. Anyways, time to push aside the excuses and get to the studies. Hopefully I’ll be back to write in not too long.