From Q-Tips to Birth Control

So talk about special…

Last night…I’m cleaning out my ears with a q-tip and out it comes…cottonless. I’m frantically freaking out, trying to yank it out of my ear and feeling nothing. I ask my roommate to look in my ear to see if it’s deep in cuz I might haveĀ  just ended up pushing it in further. She says she can’t see anything and that I probably just pushed it in while trying to get it. So I’m freaking out all night trying to get it out, thinking I’m making it worse by the minute. Eventually I sleep on it, not really feeling well and my ear just starts to feel sore.
So today I make my appointment to the health center after class and they claim it’ll only take 20mins, cuz I tell them I have to get to work. Lady was like “oh no you’ll be fine!” Took a friggin hour. When I finally get to meet with the doctor she gives me the longest lecture on birth control. Well gee, I’m sorry I can’t afford $16 a month on my hourly wage. Maybe I’ll give up having dinner. Yeah yeah yeah it’s a shame I can’t use my insurance. Tell me something I don’t know. Turns out they’re really competitive with Planned Parenthood and seemed very concerned about losing me to them (again). So eventually I give in and purchase two packs of Cryselle, which the doc was apparently a big fan of and highly recommended. So FINALLY the woman gets to my ear. Checks me out and says I have two perfectly healthy ears. The ringing sensation and uncomfortable feeling I felt was probably from poking and probing at it for so long. Fabulous. So I run out there almost late for work, $70 off my insurance, $32 outta my pocket, and wondering why she never asked me about the high blood pressure the nurse was freaking out about. I’m assuming it’s just stress from school…or just the fact that I get nervous when they’re taking my blood pressure. Cuz I think too much about whether I’m breathing calmly and just end up panicking and shoot up my blood pressure. They’ve got to invent a new way to measure that stuff cuz I can’t go through one of those without freaking out a little.


I’m a big kid now

Working so close to HRL(housing residence life) at the front desk, allows me to listen in on the ridiculous things that happen. These past couple of weeks have been all about getting the student population to vote, so there’s been tables set up in the lobby where they try to get students to register to vote and/or fill out an absentee ballot. I’m all for encouraging people to vote and all…but some of these kids are ridiculous

Staff: Are you registered to vote?
Freshman1: Uhm I think so…
Staff: What do you mean you think so?
Freshman1: Actually no, I’m pretty sure my mom did it for me.
Staff: Would you like an absentee ballot?
Freshman1: What’s that?
Staff: *blah blah blah*
Freshman 1: Oh my mom’s filling that out for me.

Freshman 2: Do I check the primary election box or the general election?
Staff: Uhm we’re not sure. We’ve just been telling people to check primary cuz it sounds right.
Me: Hey I’m pretty sure it’s general election…the primaries happened a while ago…
Staff: oh…oops… okay check the general election box.

*Nov. 3rd*
Freshman 3: *checks mail* What is this??
Me: Looks like your absentee ballot.
Freshman 3: What? Oh… How do you fill this thing out?!
Staff: Well start off with the first box…are you voting for Mccain or Obama?
Freshman 3: uh I don’t know yet. I have to call my dad and ask him.
Me: Are you serious…

Freshman 4: Hey! I got my absentee ballot!
Freshman 5: Weren’t you supposed to mail that by now?
Freshman 4: I’m supposed to mail it somewhere?
Freshman 5: I don’t know…
Freshman 4: I thought I was just supposed to take it somewhere to vote…oh well.

Not all of these “Freshman” are freshmen. A few residence here are sophomores…but honestly, with the way they act, I can only assume freshman. I’d be even more disappointed if they were sophomores.

Now I think it’s great and all, encouraging this generation to vote, but not when it’s basically giving their parents two votes. Parents leave you at college telling you not to get drunk off your ass, not to do drugs, or don’t have sex before marriage and all that good stuff. Yet you do it anyway, cuz you have a mind of your own and choose to make your own decisions on life. But when it comes down to voting on the bigger picture, you whimp out and run back to mommy and daddy. Now I know voting is a new thing and all, even I had to ask my cousins for some assistance. But at least I went in knowing who I wanted to vote for and why. I did my research, they were just there to supply me with more info. I think it’s ridiculous when you’ve reached the age of 18 and you’re still taking home laundry for your parents to do, or allowing them to fill out your absentee ballot simply cuz you haven’t got a clue. I can only hope that those parent double votes are going out for the right guy.