It tastes so sweet!

Level one complete.
The endless exams, projects and papers alllll gone! I just submitted my last paper of the semester and I’ve never felt so relieved. I swear my hair was falling out faster than usual these past few weeks. I’d take a shower and have to yank my hair outta the drain right away to avoid freaking out my roommate. Breaking out here and there, having candy for lunch and dinner… finals are just so unhealthy. Stay calm and collected my butt.
Of course my break isn’t going to be for very long though. I’m taking a winter class I can’t afford at the start of January. It shouldn’t be too difficult of a course, having to deal something or other with web design for educational purposes… I have no idea, but as computer unsavy as I am, this one should be simple enough step by step instructions. Either way… I FEEL FREE!

I really am THAT special

So just last night, I discovered just how much I live up to my nickname…

My roommate comes into my room with a belated gift and I’m in bed with my laptop typing away. I lay my laptop next to me and i open the gift. After the gift opening, I feel the need to get off my bed and give her a hug. So keep in mind, my bed is about a good three feet above the ground. I can always adjust it, but I have a small drawer and other junk under it, so having it up so high has it’s perks. Anyways, I get off my bed, and instead of getting onto my stool, I go for the closer height, my wobbly chair. I really don’t know what fool invented these things. I get rocking chairs, but these?! are just down right dumb. Even dumber is the person who put them in dorm rooms. Like I’m really gonna need to lean that far back in a chair… let alone a really uncomfortable chair.


Now it would’ve been fine…had I stepped on my chair without my blanket covering it. but of course I get on it and slip on my blanket and fall sideways crashing right on the floor. To make it worse, I some how drag my laptop down with me cracking the monitor on its way down. Honestly, I would’ve much preferred to break a bone than my laptop screen. I’m pretty sure my bones are intact but my thigh has a huge bruise, which I won’t share, and my back is in more pain than necessary.I was so upset because I was in the middle of typing a paper as well. Well after spending half and hour trying to click on my login so I could type in my password and get in, I finally get back to my paper.

cracked screen

Of course, everything needs to be minimized and squeezed into the smallĀ  corner of my laptop I can see, but it works. And the color is just awful. I feel like I went color blind. Mim and bf advises to get a monitor in the meantime. I can’t exactly afford to send my laptop away during the last few weeks of class and exams. Oy…there goes everyone’s christmas presents.

EDIT: So on my way to work, it’s dark and wet out… totally just slipped on the stairs near the parking lot. Don’t know how I did it, but I completely missed the last stair and the next thing I know I’m on the ground squeezing my now slightly swollen ankle. Great part is, it’s the same leg as my swollen thigh. Fabulous.