At least I didn’t slip…

It was snowing and sticking so well this morning! Inches of snow that canceled public schools all over. Neighboring universities canceled afternoon classes and even CP canceled after 12:30 classes, which rarely happens… and yet… my school just couldn’t keep up. Nobody was shoveling fast enough, nor was anyone spreading salt. Everyone was slipping and sliding to class in the freezing cold weather. My usual klutzy self would’ve slipped as soon as I stepped out the door, but my new years resolution self forced baby steps all the way to class. Of course the snow stops in the afternoon only to start again in the evening. Oh so now they decide to cancel classes after 7pm. Like that’s of any help. Now that I think of it, I should’ve just slipped and broke something to sue the school… Encourage them to cancel classes more often, or at least to shovel up and salt up better.

First week of school and I’m already brainstorming ways to get out of it. This is gonna be one heck of a semester…



I fell on my butt today. I did get to miss my morning class cuz they canceled classes before noon, but I don’t see why they didn’t just cancel classes for the whole day. If they can’t successfully shovel and salt away the ice thats forcing falls left and right, they shouldnt have class! stupid idiot school. yes, I’m angry.


Of course I’ve been spending the past couple of hours freaking out about everything I have to do by Friday for this class….and yet here I am… avoiding it all. I really can’t stand this class. It’s really not that hard when i look at everything now, but the lady spend the entire first week going over microsoft office and photoshop! She has descriptions of assignments scattered throughout the site, making it really difficult to figure out what exactly it is that she wants. By the time I figured it out, I started hyperventilating at all the work I had…have left topanchan do.

On a brighter note, bf took me to nakwon last week for dinner. delishhhhh. If you’re ever in baltimore, you should check it out. They’re a small place in a slightly sketchy area (there’s a sign on the door that tells you they’re not responsible for stolen items and reminds you to keep all your prized possenssions hidden) next to a competing korean bbq place that has karaoke. Though the place next door has songs and a bigger, slightly fancier setting, the food just can’t compete. kalbiI really can’t say much about the other foods, cuz we’ve only gone to both places for kalbi, but the meat said it all. The kalbi is so tender and marinated like no other. They give a good amount of panchan, those little side dishes, and steamy bowls of doenjang jiggae and boiled egg.I didn’t catch a picture rice dessertof the soup and egg though cuz I got distracted by the kalbi. They used to give those little yogurt drinks for a dessert, but this time they came out with this rice soup dessert thing…it was good! Sweet and delish!The environment is very similar to a simple korean restaurant you’d probably find in korea (info courtesy of bf), very comfortable. It used to be an amazing deal for the amount of food. They raised the prices by just a few dollars so it’s still so worth it to for me to indulge every now and then. I think it was about $22 an order this time (which is usually a good amount of meat), but I’m not too sure. mmm…now I’m hungry again. Better get to work…wrapped kalbi

righht…so my pictures are kinda scattered all over cuz I still haven’t prefected the art of picture posting…but at least they’re there!! ­čśŤ


wow… I’ve never been so bored outta my mind. I’m taking this winter class that’s Mon-Fri 4 hrs a day. I’m actually sitting in class right now, with a 20 min break…but it’s not like the cafe is open anyway. She’s a sweet professor, though she spent the first hour of class rambling about technology. Some stuff I got, some stuff just flies past my head. It’s a bunch of stuff about technology, standards, media resources, and what not. And apparently I’m supposed to make a movie and teaching portfolio website… so this should be interesting. As tech incompetant as I may be, it’d gotta be in my blood somewhere ­čśŤ cuz we all know the nerdiness from my geeky┬árelatives could easily pass to me in times of need… Right?┬áeheheheh…
We spent┬áthe next┬áhour of class just playing with microsoft office 07. I don’t think she meant for it to happen but she just kept playing with things between word and powerpoint and telling us to mess around with the different things. I didn’t mind it at first cuz I haven’t had a chance to play with Office 07 yet, but geez…it’s not that big of a difference. I can cut and paste and play with pictures… no need to spend an hour on it… gawd I hope these next two hours fly by faster… this break has hit 30mins and she’s still not back yet. boo. thank gawd for my coffee. super warm thanks to my new thermos :-)


The years just keep on flying. It’s so weird to think that it’s almost 2010. The transition of the years was pretty horrible though. All the family time resulted in massive amounts of food that couldn’t go to waste, as well as some pretty intense wii arms. And then there was card playing until the parents got up for work. My sleep schedule is completely thrown off and i gained unnecessary and unwanted pounds, but just like every year, it was all worth it. Especially since I beat both bf and brother in poker this year. muhahaha.

My goals for this year:

  • Blog more
  • Go to the gym…at least once a week…or just once.
  • Pay off credit cards
  • Keep new laptop virus free
  • Stop falling…so much.
  • Get straight A’s…without the minus sign.
  • Stop dropping food on myself.
  • Find time to cook more/learn how to cook with mommy.
  • Add more stuff to this list.

Yes!! New laptop!! I’m so excited, I can’t stop looking at the online pictures and descriptions. It’s getting sent to the cousin first though, so she can make it special-k-friendly: delete the unnecessary crap that I might click on, install anti virus thingies, make it fit for school, sims and so forth. It’s the Dell Inspiron 13 which is much lighter and smaller than my current cracked laptop. And it’s blue!!! :-) and there’s something about the slot load drive thing that I just love! hehehe. This laptop is gonna be my baby and is definitely gonna last me for a looooong time. *crosses fingers*