Late Night…

Sudoku… Leads to early afternoon nap.
I am quite impressed.
I got him a beginners sudoku book cuz the rest of my family was into it. If my uncles enjoy it, I’m sure my dad would get into it. I came home two weeks later to my mom complaining that I’ve started my dad on some awful habit that keeps him up till 3am and embarrasses her in public. I soon discover that he’s copied all the pages out of the book and does them on a handy clipboard that he is not embarrassed to take out to dinner or to work. I ask him about the copied pages and he says that it’s always good to do them again and again cuz you’ll get faster at figuring it out and you don’t remember all of them anyway…guess it’s time to buy him a new book.

Just not long enough…

Spring break definitely came and went too quickly. I’m sacked with all the midterms that the teachers decided to save for after break…when my brain doesn’t function. As short as it was, break was just what I needed. Didn’t do very much, but went to dinner at Maggiano’s at Tyson’s… definitely overrated. They have a family style special where you get to order two appetizers, entree’s, pastas, desserts and what not and it comes like an all you can eat sort of deal. It’s for around $22 a person, and there were only 4 of us, so we decided it wouldn’t be worth it. Though they gave extremely large portions, the quality was far from what I wanted. php86TOOLI got the Chicken Pesto Linguine and subsituted with wheat penne. It sounded awesome on the menu, unfortunately my pasta was way over cooked and the chicken was rather dry. My friends had better luck with Rigatoni’D. Their chicken was less dry (though I still thought it was a little on the dry side) but I thought the pasta was still overcooked. I wish I remembered the type, but I had a delicious pino grigio with my meal. $6 got me half a glass of wine, but I think it was worth it cuz I probably wouldn’t have made it through my meal without it. This is a no go again. I would’ve much rather spent the extra $5 to go to Il Pizzico. For dessert, we ran over to tysons I for coffee and frozen yogurt. They have a frozen yogurt stand called Yogen Fruz… and it really wasn’t worth the trip. phpGcjUTWThough the guy was rather entertaining and educated about his yogurt, the fruit was far from fresh. Yogurt is always good though. But in these cases, it’s the fruit that counts. So lesson learned, don’t go to the mall for dinner or dessert.


…that hurt. Bf and I went to ski liberty for a round of snowboarding. I was horrible. It took me half an hour to get down the bunny slope because I had difficulty staying up and learning to stop.  Actually I had the hardest time getting on my feet. Everytime I tried to jump up, I would fall back down or start sliding down the hill before I was ready and hit the ground. Half way down the slope I almost unclipped and walked down to switch to skis. Skiing was wayyyy easier. There were these two 4/5 yr olds that would hold hands speeding down the hill on these ski blades..I swear they passed me at least 3 times… it hurt my ego. lol.  After the half hour of slipping and crawling down the slope, I was already so sore, so I went inside to take a break while the bf went on the bigger slopes for a while. By the time he came back I was willing to try once more. It was chillier the second time around but I was plenty warm. Unfortunately, all my falls made my lower back wet and cold…so that was uncomfortable for a while. Luckily my roomie lent me her underarmor that I can’t afford, so it’s all good. I might invest in one of those cuz they’re really warm, but they’re just so expensive. By the time I got to the end of the slope I had improved from my lack of movement. I was able to slide down slowly and stop most of the time without falling. What I couldn’t do was turn to the right. Everytime I made an attempt to turn right, I would end up doing a switch or w/e its called and pretty much go backwards until I freaked out and fell. phpwz29nmThe continuous movement towards the left would leave me heading towards ditches and I would have to fall and crawl over to the right so I could start over.My knees and butt were bruised and my arms and upper back hurt for days…but as rough as it was, and as much pain I endured in the past couple of days, I think I’d be willing to go again. I’m determined to get this right… But with the way the weather’s been acting, I might have to wait till next year.

other issues

So my internship placement is under the BCPS system. Monday evening around 6pm, the website announced that they were going to have a 2 hr delay the next morning. 2hr delay=no kids at 9am= no internship! yay!… at 1:30am I get a text from a fellow intern of mine saying the website just changed and says that they’re going to resume a normal schedule the next morning. what?! no take backs! since when were you allowed to take back your 2 hr delays?! But then, around 6am, the website changed back to 2 hr delay. It must have bee a glitch in the system, or someone trying to play a prank on the high schoolers, cuz that was ridiculous. Why would they take back their 2 hr delay at 1am when most of the kiddies are asleep?! AND not to mention all the ice that was already forming that night (note: yay I didn’t slip!…well I did, but I caught myself, so that’s gotta count for something). I felt like I was back in high school, so passionate about my 2 hr delays. This just sent me off the walls, especially since I had a lot of work to do for Tues. You would think with a Monday snow day, I’d get all my work done… But that’s aside from the point. Point is- no take backs!


My university has some serious issues. There’s a snow storm outside and I could barely walk to work…yet class is only canceled till 11am. I guess I’m glad it took care of one of my classes, but this is ridiculous. I think just about every other school in the state is closed except us.
On another note, the bf and I are gonna try to go snowboarding this wed. Something about college night and it being $30 for lift and rental. This should be interesting…