wardrobe malfunction

wardrobe malfunctionTuesdays and Thursdays are hell for me and my closet. It takes me at least half an hour to find an outfit to wear to my internship. It sucks because I spend Monday and Wednesday nights planning out the outfits in my head, then when I put them on in the morning, they’re just unsatisfying.  I usually leave my room with more than half my clothes on the floor. Really, the issue is that I have too many clothes from too long ago, meaning they’re completely inappropriate to wear in front of 2nd graders. Also, I just don’t have enough clothes to pick from. I’ll have a cute top, but not a bottom to match with it, or shoes to go with this or that. This was only the picture of the floor near my closet. I really didn’t feel like taking a picture of the mess around my dresser too.  As often as I like to go shopping, I’m rarely actually buying clothes for myself. Everything is too expensive and I can barely bring myself to spend more than 10 bucks on a top. If I do, I have to REALLY love it. Cuz I mean really, 10 bucks can buy me groceries for two night’s of dinner. Food or clothes? Really not a tough choice there. Most of the paychecks I get nowadays goes straight to groceries and gas. It’s not like I shop anywhere super expensive either. I’ll search ads for grocery deals and any clothes I do buy come from tj max or marshalls, or at least a sale section if I’m at the mall. But the sale pickings here are more difficult to get to before they all get snatched. College campus + lower income area = less cheap pickings for me. I’m probably better off finding sales closer to home.
I don’t wanna grow up. The cost of living sucks.


So I came to the library with my mom this morning to check out some children’s books for my lessons and to possibly catch up on some work. Turns out they had a book sale this morning. I was in awe of the line I saw outside when I got here. People standing out in the rain for a book sale? Must be something. So I go check it out and I find some great children’s books I can use in the classroom for about 50cents each. Awesome deal! But… Now I feel disgusting. Don’t get me wrong, I really am not a germaphobe or anything like that, but I felt gross in that small room. People were coughing left and right and breathing down my neck. I could smell morning breath on everyone around me. It was just nasty. I got out of there as quickly as possible and run to wash my hands. Of course someone decided to drop their breakfast at the library instead of in their own homes, so I had to get out of there as fast as possible too. Gross. Just gross. Let’s see how much work I can get done now…running on 3 hours of sleep :-(

froyo goodness

YogiBerry on 355 is the one. They have another one in olney, but this was just closer at the time. I forgot to take a picture of it before i dug in, but it was soooo good. Way better than the one I had at Tyson’s Corner. I got strawberry, mango and granola but I heard the mochi was awesome…but for some reason they didn’t have any at the time. Oh well, I’ll definitely go again and try it. Oh and on Fridays and Saturdays students get 10% off, teachers 20% off. I wonder if I’ll get 30% with my student teacher id next semester… 😀

New Shots

The bf got his very first digicam. Wasn’t his picking, but he likes it enough to keep it. Figures it’d come in handy at some point. He takes pictures of random things he sees like cool cars. I take picture of food and funny signs 😛 So it all works out in the end. Plus, if i miss the shot, he can be my backup!

Lew cam


It’s been a while since I’ve visited the mall with my new lack of a budget and all. But when we went for dinner at Tysons, we walked around for a bit and I saw some interesting things… One being this Yoda at the lego store. I thought it was awesome…not so much the customer service though…
Lego Yoda

“Can I answer any questions for you about the Yoda piece?”
“Yeah, how many pieces are in it??”
“Uhm… I’m not too sure….”
“Ok… well who made it?”
“Uhm… I don’t know…”

Then we went into Champs cuz they guys wanted to look at shoes…and look at what I stumbled upon.

phpHEGHEo phptAX8ET

I don’t get it… Who seriously needs shirts THAT fresh?!