el fin…for now.

It feels great to be done.
Though spring semester tends to go by faster than the fall, the last few weeks are always hell.
Packing up was horrible though. I moved all my things home yesterday and it was ridiculous. I found out my procrastination skills seem to extend out of school work and into packing. I didn’t start packing until the Wednesday night, and woke up early on Thursday to get the rest of my packing done before work at 1pm… then moving everything to the car, driving home, moving everything into the living room, discovering there was no way to maneuver through the house with all the boxes in the way, and moving everything upstairs to my brother’s old room or downstairs to the storage room. I was so tired by the end of the day that I slept till 2pm today… well technically yesterday. I haven’t done that in a while. So I’m pretty awake right now staring at this maze of a mess I call my room.
It sucks because I’m just gonna have to move it all back in August. And my roommates and I are getting an apartment off campus…unfurnished…meaning more things to haul. Oh the joys of 9 month leases…