never enough

I got back from camping a week ago and was glad I went. Aside from having to dig your own poo hole and sleeping on rocks, there’s something rather peaceful about the experience.  I came back rather refreshed and feeling carefree only to attack a week of stress and pain. I come back to endless emails about what my semester is going to look like and assignments for the beginning of the semester. It’s not even August yet! I still have my summer! Stop trying to take it away from me by telling me I’m a senior. hmph. That on top of waking up at 6 to get pood and drooled on and busy work at the office just totally took away the peace I obtained during my week in the woods. My weeks just seemed to cancel each other out… that’s the problem with summer. I come back from vacation and I just want to go on another vacation… :-(


I was really expecting to blog a lot more with all the free time I was getting with the summer…but then I realized I had less to complain about once school was finished. Of course I could have blogged about my events and such, but it seemed like I had less incentive to do so.

This summer has been going by quickly… Went to ocean city and had a much needed beach break. Did a lot of outlet shopping this summer… updated my wardrobe for some much needed teaching appropriate clothing.  Went to Kings dominion on a semi gloomy rainy day, but got to ride all the rides twice, waiting no longer than 5 minutes for any of them, except the Volcano, which took about a 20 minute wait, but that’s short compared to the usual 2 hr wait. Though the weather called for rain and it poured most of the morning, by the time we went in, the rain had slowed to a drizzle. Overall, I’d say it was a good day. I wasn’t sweating in the sun, waiting 2 hrs in line for a 5 minute ride, and I really didn’t mind the rain at all.
I’ve seen a couple of movies this summer. It always seems like summer is the time for movies, and I’m taking advantage of the student discount while I still can. I just went to watch Harry Potter last night and I thought it was okay. It held humor that I wasn’t expecting, but I probably shouldn’t have reread the book before I watched it cuz I was rather disappointed… the book seems to feed you bits and pieces and lets it all come together in the end, while the movie just simply spits everything at you and kinda ruins the mystery thrill of it all. But overall, for cramming all the stuff into a 2.5 hr movie, it’s not so bad.

Camping next week! Get excited!!