bad memory…

So my university email account has this security thing that makes us change our passwords every 90 days or so… I know it’s safe for security measures and all…but seriously, it’s testing my cerebrum which could be better. I changed my password last week again and I was all out of fresh ideas…so I think I made something up. yet I can’t seem to remember what I changed it to. *sigh*…guess i’ll keep trying until it kicks me off. :-(


So I finally got around to watching confessions of a shopaholic after shopaholics around me kept making references to it. Overall, it was a pretty good movie. It had its cute stuff and relatable stuff and wasn’t as dumb as I was expecting it to be. Of course by the end of the movie it makes you feel bad about all the clothes and shoes in your closet…but apparently not bad enough. Cuz the next day I get a sale email and bam, purchased two tops and a bottom. Of course I told myself they were all school appropriate clothing and since I was purchasing them for my internship it was considered an investment into my future career… yes… moving on. With all my friends out of town this weekend, redbox became my friend and I watched Watchmen too. Pretty epic movie and I’m surprised I was able to sit through it (I wouldn’t say the same for Street Figher, Don’t watch it. whatever you do. you won’t make it to the end). Unfortunately…I didn’t pay much attention to the rated R for blood and violence and got kicked in the butt with it. The movie held way too much gore for my stomach. I had to look away multiple times just so that I didn’t lose my dinner. The movies got enough blood for a transfusion and my stomach was barely able to take it. Aside from the blood it was a great movie… can’t say the same about street fighter.