So my goal this weekend was to finish my homework/readings by Sunday. It’s saturday and I’ve come to realize that I can’t get any work done at home.
I try to work in my room, but daddy is blasting taiwanese dramas next door.
When I need internet, the only place I can steal wireless is from my dining room…very uncomfortable chairs…
I can hear bro yelling from basement at his computer geeks friends when I sit at dining room table.
No where else in the house has internet access except the dsl my dad is hogging and the comcast my bro refuses to share.
This internet barely works. I get one bar of signal most of the time making it really shaky.
oh yeah and I hate homework.

Back to School

mmm This past week couldn’t have been more stressful. It really gave me a look at what teacher planning would be like. I spend the first couple of days putting up bulletin boards and posters and simply decorating all corners of the classroom. In between all of that was endless MEETINGS. I’ve never sat through so many boring meetings in my life. sexual harassment, H1N1, curriculum, standardized tests…and boy could I go on about the standardized testing. Every grade got their scores and made the ayp and all that crap, but it was completely ridiculous. My teachers were explaining to me that they had a much harder time with their kids last year b/c they were all really low and needed special assistance. How are you going to compare such students. ugh i cant start my rant otherwise it’ll never stop. moving on. I hate comcast. I hate them with a passion. Too angry to blog about it now. Will complain more later. GR.