cheeeez gromit! you forgot the cheeez!

I’ve spent the past couple of the days downing wine with cheese and crackers. I feel like I went to a vineyard for wine tasting… but all I did was visit my cousin who paid a visit to Total Wine in VA. I never really got into reds, but I finally did and loved it! I’m not really sure what I had…we went through at least 6 different reds. Plus the cheese was a bonus. I was never a big fan of cheese and crackers…well I never actually tried it till this weekend, but it was amazinggggg. It gave me a whole new perspective on Wallace and Gromit- A Grand Day Out. I loved that video as a kid, but cheese and crackers in real life never looked as good as the stuff on the moon. I’m officially sold. Cheese, crackers and wine. mmmm.

Ear Plugs

Something I seriously needed this morning.
As I left for class at 7:30 I watched a bunch of construction trucks pull up and start setting up wood. I stare and decide that my roommates probably wouldn’t be getting much sleep in a few minutes.
I come back from class three hours later to find that the guys are still going at it… RIGHT outside my bedroom window. They conveniently set up their saw cutter and wood chunks right outside my window…like stick my hand out and get it chopped off right outside my window. With four hours of sleep, I was in desperate need for a nap, but it was simply out of the question. Hammers were knocking at the roof, saw cutting was going off outside my window and the leaf blowers were going buck wild as well. And this isn’t the first time construction has struck my area. Uhm shouldn’t there be some kinda law against this?! I’m paying nearly 700 a month for sleep deprivation!

I feel oh so safe.

Sooo the trip was a success…and nobody bothered me about my makeup. In fact, we weren’t bothered by anyone at all.. My friend made it through security with an opened water bottle. I don’t blame her for doing it considering it was her first flight and all…but hello? It was sitting at the top of her purse and they didn’t seem to give a crap. I watched her pick it up and wondered how she got it across. What happened to the 3.4 ounce rule?…Later on, I realized one of my friends packed a razor in her carry on… I was just going to shave and test my luck for two days and leave it at that. Turns out, she packed a razor…which you’re also not supposed to do unless it’s in a cartridge. I’ll admit, the new guidelines make it a pain to pack, but what’s the point if nobody’s checking? o_O