poison control

so I guess my lack of z’s has caught up to me…
I’ve got food poisoning… or the stomach flu… I can’t tell what is what. I’ve got symptoms of both….like mad. can’t keep any food down.. I can’t even keep the Pedialyte down… Probably because it tasted a lot better as a kid. I swear I remember it tasting like juice. Now it just taste like…crap…encouraging more trips to the bathroom. joy.


Ok so now I’m thinking it’s the stomach flu… I’ve been in and out of fevers/chills. The vomiting has stopped but I’m still losing plenty of liquid. I couldn’t think of anything I could have eaten that would do this to me. Everything I had recently was cooked or just purchased from the store. I meant it could have been poor packaging or something, but still, I think I would’ve felt better by now if it had been that. I’m pretty sure one of my students transferred something yucky to me. They’re a bunch of first graders who don’t know smack about hygiene. Well, some of them are good about it, but I can point out a select few who always have their hands in their mouths, wipin it on something else(me). OR really washing their hands after the bathroom.We have a bathroom in our classroom cuz it’s an old kindergarten classroom. I realized the other day that not all of them do. I caught one kid…
as kid walks out of the bathroom towards the classroom…
me:excuse me, go wash your hands.
kid:uh i don’t need to.
me: you just came out of the bathroom, you need to go wash your hands.
kid: but i didn’t use my hands, so i don’t need to.
me: *gave him a wtf look* I don’t know how you managed that, but I don’t care. Anytime you come out of the bathroom, you wash your hands.
kid walks away and sulks as he washes his hands.

I’ve been super paranoid this semester with these first graders. Washing my hands, using hand sanitizer every chance I get. I dry out my hands so bad with this stuff, but it’s so worth it cuz these kids are nasty. Apparently, it doesn’t help… I shouldn’t been taking my airborne. I got lazy and stopped, and now look what happened. gr.
I’ve managed to take down some congee today. But I’m dying for something else to eat. I really don’t want to miss out on the dinner at fushing tomorrow night. I’ve been craving that stuff for the past week… but even if I do get better enough to go, I doubt I’ll be eating anything there other than rice :-( boooo.


Monday- 3 hrs
Tuesday- 2 hrs
Wednesday- 4hrs
Thursday- 5 hrs
Friday- TBA

… How much sleep I’ve been running on every day of the week. Even though I got 5 hrs last night, it was the hardest to wake up from. 4 hrs and 6 hrs seem to be the easiest for me to wake up from, but 6 just isn’t happening any time soon… I’d love 8+…but I guess that’s just a weekend thing… :-(

snow blow

This snow is really throwing me off. I got all my hopes up just for a stinkin two hour delay. The teachers were saying something about not having to take days from their summer and all, but I could care less, cuz I won’t be there anyway. Moco got their cancellation, but apparently they’re up to day four. One more snow day and they’ll have to start extending the school year.
So back to my two hour delay rant. Why post a two hour delay when you can’t even get the roads cleared in time? By the time I got to school, the faculty lot was still covered in snow. They actually had to call the early bird teachers out of the school to move their cars so that they could do a clean job plowing the lot. Ridiculous. Sidewalks were still being plowed by the time the kids got there. What’s the point of having a two hour delay when you can’t even make the snow disappear before the kids get in? ugh. This county is just too stubborn to admit defeat.
I’m looking at this weekend snow and just dreading it. Why does it always have to fall on the weekend? I don’t get it. Ruins my Saturday. Last Saturday I almost went insane trapped in my apartment. The whole idea of feeling trapped inside was wiggin me out. I was so bored that I had to go outside and clean off my car just so that I wouldn’t lose my mind sitting inside. I couldn’t go anywhere in it… I just cleaned off the snow that was still piling up on it.
On Sunday, the first thing I did was run to the mall. And to my surprise I came out feeling ten times better. Retail therapy totally works. Must’ve been the killer deals.