T minus 33

woohoo. So just finished my first placement on second semester. I loved first grade… I didn’t at first, but I could barely leave the kids today. They listen. well…for the most part. I’ve realized I’m pretty strict with them but it’s only cuz I expect a lot… and that’s only cuz I know they got it in them. hehe I’m surprised they don’t hate me for all the recess I’ve taken from them for talking and what not…but it seems like that with so many kids. They’re so easy to forgive and forget, as long as you’re still nice to them in the end. The class wrote me a bunch of letters, got and read to me “Oh! The Places You’ll Go”… I’ve actually never heard that book until today and I nearly teared up. nearly. I wasn’t about to let those kids get on me for crying. haha.
All in all, I’ll miss first grade, and I don’t think I’d be so against teaching primary.
So after spring break, I’ve got 33 more school days till graduation… which leads me to my new bling.
I bought myself a “congratz for kicking ass in part 1 of 2 of my last semester/ part 1 of 2 of graduating gift”… yeah, you can see I put a lot of thought into this. I had a 8 hr long debate with myself, deciding whether or not I would be willing to make this purchase. I loved it, and it was a killer deal. It was a one day deal though, so I debated with my brain up until 11:55 on whether or not it was a wise decision. Eventually, I decided I deserved it, even though my wallet didn’t.
I got it for 28, and free shipping. original was 195. It wasn’t so much the deal that got to me as it was the sapphire.so purty. and I’ve recently developed a thing for rings… something about having it around my fingers that feels nice. but they’re so darn expensive… so when i stumbled across this beauty… I just couldn’t let it go… ya know?
I’m looking at it as a class ring… except prettier…
…see how I’m still trying to justify this spending even after I already bought it? 😛
But it’s settled though. It came today and I’m in love.


it won’t let me add my flickr pic… gr…

thanks mim :-)


great falls

Roomies and i made a trip out to great falls. We parked at the side entrance (across from old angler’s inn) instead of paying the $5 for the main entrance parking. As we were getting out of the car, we heard a whimper whine sound coming from a car a few cars down… someone locked their huge black dog in the car with the windows just barely cracked. I was throwing a fit. We wrote a note on the guys car using profanity, called them an animal abuser and told them we reported their license plate… That was probably the immature thing to do in that moment, but I felt so helpless. I’m actually not too sure who I’m supposed to call to report such an incident. Another person walked by and stuck her hand through the crack to see if she could feel the temperature and said the dog should be ok for now but there wasn’t really anything we could do for it. ugh. so pissed. What kind of retarded person leave their dog in the car and just run off for a walk?! We even waited a couple of minutes to see if they just went to the bathroom or something. nope. grrr.
We had originally planned to go hiking, but all the trails were closed off b/c of flooding. so we ended up just walking off our anger for a couple of hours until we reached the falls, which were wild and crazy from all the rain.
note to self- bring granola bars on super long hike/walk… we were starved by the time we got back to the car.
luckily the locked up dog was gone, note and all… we hope he/she got the message…

squeaky clean

I can’t stand cleaning…
well it’s not that I can’t stand it, so much as I just don’t do it. I’m just so caught up in my work that everything just gets tossed around and I never find the time to get to organizing it. By the time I get home, I’m pooped and I have a pile of work to do.
The weird thing is that I seem to get this itch to clean whenever I have something big due the next day. A big assignment seems to push my cleaning senses into overdrive and I’m scrubbing every corner of the house… all to avoid work.
*sigh*…at least it’s all clean…

the early bird gets the…

It seems like I can’t bring myself to sleep in on the weekends here. I spend a whole week getting 4 hrs of sleep every night and finally it’s the weekend… and I’m expecting myself to sleep in…but I don’t. I can’t. I CAN’T SLEEP ANYMORE!! but I want to!!! My life is so surreal when I’m wide awake at 8 on a Saturday. ugh, I feel old.

with child

Preschooler came up to me today…

kid:Do you have a child at home?
me: what?!
kid: Do you have a child?? at home?!
me: uh…no…lol… do I look like I would have a child at home?
kid: well aren’t you a mother?
me: no… do I look like a mother?
kid: so you really don’t have a child at home?
me:…no… how old do you think I am? Do you think I’m old enough to have a child?
kid: yes… but no, because you look younger than my mommy… so no child?
me: no……..
other kid: maybe it could still be in your stomach.
me: WHAT?!
other kid: well… that’s where babies come from! your stomach!

………kid was so insistent that I had a kid.