boy 1: You can’t hit girls. It’s against the law!
boy 2: Yes you can! I’ve hit over 500 of them!…okay maybe not 500, but I’ve hit A LOT of girls. It’s not against the law”
boy 3: No, you can’t hit them! it’s in the men’s book of rules!!

third grade boys crack me up.

interesting how boy 2 threw a ruler at the art teacher today… by “accident”.

Formosa Betrayed

Go see it.
I went with a group of friends from my old church, which I recently discovered is a pretty green partied church. We went to the 5:30 showing at the Avalon where we got to meet Will Tiao afterwards for a q and a. getting an autograph It was pretty awesome and quite insightful… I had a few issues with the quality/authenticity of the characters in the movie, but I think the q and a cleared it up for me. I didn’t think the spoken mandarin/taiwanese was very authentic. Apparently, they had held casting calls in Taiwan, but not a single actor/actress auditioned… all possibly in fear of what it may do to their reputation. And the movie was shot in Thailand instead of Taiwan because it did a better job of resembling Taiwan in the 70’s/80’s. Taiwan has come a long way and they couldn’t find any decent areas that could resemble its history as well as the outskirts of Bangkok did.
Honestly, I wish I had known all of this before. I couldn’t believe I was never taught about 228 until now. I tried to talk to my parents about Taiwan after the movie, but the whole translation issue presents a problem for me. My vocab is quite limited in mandarin when it comes to political issues. So I used google and wiki to see if I could learn anything else… so many questions, so few answers…. yet so confusing cuz its all still politics. I feel like the movie and research gave me a good history lesson on Taiwan, but now I’m eager to find out what exactly it is that’s going on right now… or what my dad and uncles are hollerin about during every family gathering…