flu season

I went to the doctor on Thursday because he wouldn’t sign my work form without seeing me. The guy made me sit in the room and watch a 10 minute youtube lecture on vitamin d… its like the new cure for cancer or something and my body is apparently seriously lacking it. He says he didn’t even need a blood test to know it cuz of my test results two years ago. dick.
He doesn’t really care to give me a blood test cuz he claims he already knows my vitamin d is low…and im like dude, I could care less. I just wanna make sure there’s nothing else wrong with me. jeez. So I had to INSIST on a blood test. After two years of not seeing him, I had to INSIST on a blood test. WTF! Why did I need to come in for a physical so he could sign off saying I was healthy and all without a blood test?! He signed off on my paper anyway…without my blood results…so if there is anything wrong with me, too late now. PSH.
so then, he finally recommends gardasil for me… two years ago, he was flippin shit about how i needed to order it myself cuz he doesn’t know if insurance is gonna cover it, yadiyadiyadi. and NOW he says “oh so you probably dont have to worry about it until you get married cuz you’re still young, but you can get it now if you want.” HELLO?! I’ve told you before that I was on fuckin birth control! This guy is ridiculous! His assumption that I’m going to wait till marriage to have sex drives me nuts!…
ARGH. soo.. I got my blood taken, my first injection of gardasil, and a flu shot…which he insisted on yet again. I’m sorry, but I don’t ever get the flu shot, cuz I always get sick when I get the flu shot…which I am now. sore throat, fever, and the works. so thanks a lot old asian doctor who needs to retire.
UGH I need my own insurance so I can get away from this nut job.


i got a job. a part-time after school care job.
and possibly another job selling cupcakes.
It doesn’t make much, but I will no longer be broke.
but it makes me realize more and more how much i miss the classroom.
I don’t think I’m ever going to be truly happy until I get back in a classroom.

once upon a time

so… i spent the last four years of my life working my butt off for a stupid piece of paper with my name on it… worth a couple thousand bucks…
they told me it was for a job that i was supposed to get after graduation.
and then they told me, oh but wait, the economy is bad, so good luck with that one.
and then they told me, hang in there, you’ll get something.
and then there was nothing.
the end.
i should write my own children’s stories.
I get that choosing the teaching career meant overworked and underpaid, but it’s pretty much led me to unemployed and unpaid.