my car got towed.
not fun.
i almost cried.
I park at Giant for my job at the cupcakery… but EVERYONE does. The limit is 2 hrs, and I park there for like 4 max. It’s never been a problem till now. The thing is, I didn’t even notice right away cuz I went into Giant to buy something like a GOOD customer. Unlike everyone else who parks there, I make an effort to be a customer everyday. By the time I got out, it was time to rush to my next job and then DUDE WHERES MY CAR.
Yeah, not ok. Cost me 158 to get it out. They didn’t even WAIT two hours to tow! The Giant people called and it was towed in less than an hour!… I would have tried to fight it…but their reasoning was b/c they saw me walk off, and I guess that’s part of their towing policy. My gawd. It’s the end of the year and EVERYONE wants money. gr. WELL I DO TOO. HMPH.
I ran back to tell my coworkers, and they ran to their cars. All was well but one other who also got towed. ugh. I got an email later that day from another coworker that she got towed too though. urghhh.
oh! and to top it off, my windshield cracks!! I had a minor crack at the corner of my windshield cuz a stupid rock hit my car on the highway. Just this week the crack went alllll the way across my windshield…I though it was gonna fall in. That’s another 150 out of my pocket. argh. no shopping for me this year.
…I feel like the grinch stole my christmas. grrrr.

post black friday

Okay, so I never got back to post my update on how ammmaaazing black friday was.
It went soooo smoothly! We got out of walmart by 12:20 and got most of the deals we wanted!
We went out to the hagerstown outlet afterwards, which was still pretty crowded, but we (as in the bf) were able to find parking (while i shopped).
We were out of there by 3 cuz we were exhausted, stopped by waffle house on the way home for some yummy breakfast, and slept the rest of the day away.
The only problem is that it’s kicked my shopping into overdrive and Now I can’t stop looking online for deals. Not that i’m always hitting “add to cart” or anything, I’m just tempted to and I have this internal debate for days as to whether or not I should buy or not buy. *sigh* shopping gets so stressful sometimes.