Packing for the sun

Okay, well now that the snow threat is out of the way, I can start packing at ease…except for one problem. I forgot what 60 degree weather felt like. I don’t know what sorts of clothes to bring cuz I forgot what I’m comfortable wearing in the 60’s. I’m just gonna bring a little of everything and raid mim’s closet if I end up needing anything else. The clothes couldn’t be that bad … her sister and I help pick them out every year! 😛

one of those

yes. I had one of those days. Where I honestly wanted to hit a kid.
I know it sounds awful. I was trained to be a professional teacher, given all these wonderful techniques in dealing with children, but today, I wanted to hit one. Bad.
I think I’ve just been out of the teaching field too long. The problem with working in a daycare is that you don’t have the same structure in a classroom. Kids are less respectful and more gutsy. They wanna see how many buttons they can push on you cuz they think they can get away with anything. I mostly blame their parents, but I also blame the lady who’s place I took. Apparently she was extremely laid back and tried so hard to be the kids’ friend that she was pretty much trampled by them. I don’t mess with that. Oh hell no. Not in my classroom. I’ve been told that the environment of these daycares are very loose and they want kids to explore and have fun and be themselves. Whatever! I’m all for that! BUT THERE’S A WAY YOU CAN DO THAT WITHOUT LOSING CONTROL OF THE ROOM AND RESPECT FROM THE KIDS! My boss is wonderful, but I simply don’t share the same views as her.
I shouldn’t have to repeat myself. I shouldn’t have to remind them about the rules every five minutes. I see my boss snap on occasion and smile to myself because I know that if she had just done it right the first time, and stopped trying to be free spirited nice guy, she wouldnt have lost her temper and skipped a heart beat.
I feel so relieved when she leaves for the day because I feel like the kids actually respect me. I gain better control of the room when she’s not around and it’s such a sigh of relief.
I know it sounds ridiculous cuz she’s been at this business for 30+ years, and I’ve just started, but I really feel like there should be some kind of middle ground for all this. Between childcare and education. Daycare can’t be simply free play with minimal discipline. UGH it doesn’t make sense. No child should be raised like this.
It’s so aggravating because I feel like a failure. If I come home wanting to hit a kid, I feel like I’m not doing my job right. I shouldn’t have to get this frustrated. I wasn’t trained to do this! I was trained to teach! In a structured environment! Where I set up rules for a classroom! Guide their learning through various styles! Positive reinforcement to gain the respect and attention of my students! ARGH ARGH ARGH. I need my own classroom. I’m so desperate, I’m looking at the application for teach for america right now.


soo… where’s the snow?
It was supposed to spit more snow today, but instead it turned to freezing rain. I nearly slipped on my butt on my way to the car… I’m gonna go ahead and blame the ice and not my inability to walk straight…


I just bought my first plane ticket to California!!!!
Well, I’ve stopped in Cali on my way to Taiwan before, but that doesn’t really count.
I’m so excited I could honestly puke. I just ran all the way to the basement to tell my brother. I never run to the basement to talk to him. THAT’S how friggin excited I am. Unfortunately, I spent most of my life thinking I’d never see Cali, so I never really thought of what I’d like to see there…so time for serious research. All I know is I want to see the SUN, and the berkeley campus, and BUNNIES!… more to come later..

spitting nonsense

What’s up with all this spitting snow nonsense? If you’re gonna snow, then friggin snow already. I don’t appreciate this pathetic tease of a snow. Plus, I got my dad a snow blower for christmas and I’d like to be able to use it already.


So I just got my second dose of gardasil and I’m a bit peeved…. the nurse that gave me my injection came didn’t put gloves on!! Gave me my friggin injection with no gloves… touched god knows what and followed me into the room. not once did I see her wash her hands!! Wtf!!… ugh.
I’ve stopped by full key on my way home for a roasted duck noodle soup to make me feel better. Noodles make everything better. Mmm smells yums.


I know this sounds ridiculous, but I could really use a vacation right now.
I think I just need to get out of Maryland… change of scenery or something. I’ve gone to NJ and VA for short two day trips, but it’s never actually a vacation. I realized… I DONT HAVE WINTER BREAK ANYMORE! With both of my jobs, I work right through the break season.
It’s kinda like a never ending circle of nonsense though. I work so much that I need a vacation. I can’t go on vacation cuz I don’t have the funds to. Student loan payments have started and it’s not okay. After college life smells…like poo.


I think I’m going to start yelping…
I find their reviews so useful, and I find myself so picky, that it just makes sense to start yelping. I usually do most of my no nonsense bitching on my blog, but why not share it with the rest of the world on a review site? Not that I can’t give compliments or anything. If a place is well deserving of a compliment, I’ll give it… But that’s a big IF.
I’ve realized over the years, that I do a lot of complaining after I go somewhere. I think my mom brings it out in me. Her cooking, to me, is one of a kind, so I tend to compare a lot of things to her cooking. Also, customer service is a field I’ve worked in and I’ve found that I’m pretty anal about it. If you’re not giving me the service I’m paying for, you’ll probably see it in your tip. I expect at least a smile and some knowledge of what you’re doing. I don’t know, maybe I’m just snobby, but I think good customer service can be hard to find nowadays if you’re not paying a fortune for your meal. Don’t get me wrong or anything, I don’t expect people to wait on me hand and foot, but is a friggin smile too much to ask for!? … I must be bitter or something. Let’s think positive thoughts…mmm food. sushi.
First place to review- yoyogi. my favorite sushi place. ever.
mmm… i want some now.