I handed a guy his cupcakes today and said “Enjoy! Have a great day!” And he has the nerve to respond “Thank you!… shieh shieh!”
I was immediately offended and would have said something had he not been a customer. I don’t think people get it. Since when was Chinese the ultimate language of Asia? Why must you assume I speak Chinese? My best friend was telling me how this happened to her at the grocery store and she was like “im korean” and the guy was just like “oh sorry”. Uh don’t friggin assume. And what the fuck!? I said, ” enjoy, have a nice day” its not like I said it in friggin chinese. I hate these people. Think they learn one phrase in Chinese and can use it on any Asian person they see. God.  Yeah, like I’m gonna go up to every European person and say Gracias. Ugh.
Next time this happens, I’m just gonna spit back something like “de nada” …or just just look at them like their crazy and walk away… you’d think enough asians they do this to would get offended enough that they’d get the point. Guess not. Gonna have to start making a point…loud and clear. Hmph.

Feeling winey

Ermm I swear I’m no alcoholic, but I do believe I also miss the alcohol in cali.
My dad and I finished the merlot from napa for lunar new year. I wasn’t planning on cracking it so soon, but I didn’t need too much convincing from my dad. It took me back to napa valley… so much that I went out and bought Oj to make mimosas with. Unfortunately the sparkling wine I had on hand just wasn’t as good as the stuff in cali and my mimosa was a little less than ok. I’m actually concerned that I won’t even appreciate my good old korbel that I’ve grown to love over the years! Why does everything have to be better in cali?

Nom Nom Nom




Suspect #2

I’m using my phone for internet right now cuz I can’t figure out why my lappy isn’t charging right.and yes, the charger is plugged in. Anyway, as I’m about to pull out my phone charger, I notice there’s a chunk missing from the edge of the plug. I don’t usually pay that much attention to my charger, but then I was suspicious and looked down the cord to find that’s there’s little chunks of it missing! Even portions of the tag was chewed up! My guess is that the bunnies snuck in and got to it at some point. Unless there’s a hidden bunny or something in my room that I don’t know about…which could also be very possible.
I just find it that my chewed up phone charger is working better than my perfect shape lappy charger. Must be the luck of bunny spit.

I miss c…offee!!

So I’m back from Cali, but I’m not yet ready to go on my rant about how amazing it is.I keep thinking about it, and it keeps coming back in chunks. I MISS IT ALL SO MUCH! So I’m gonna spend my next few entries complaining about how much I miss it.
So, one thing that has been hitting me hard is the lack of good coffee in my life. I’ve had coffee since I’ve been home, and I can barely drink it cuz it stinks… It could be the lack of a clever coffee dripper, or a grinder for fresh coffee beans, or delicious Hawaiian coffee, or a nice thermos to keep my coffee hot…no matter what it is, my coffee stinks. So now I’m on amazon searching for all these things at a reasonable price. It’s so hard cuz the good stuff is so pricey, but in the long run it’ll be worth it. This lack of good tasting coffee is totally bugging me and making me grumpy. hmph.