Living in the Now

Every year, I make an effort to go to the beach at least once, if not twice during the summer. If I don’t, I’ll probably lose my mind. I’m building up myself a headache looking into the summer. Every year, I wait and wait, do all this last minute planning, and hotels/condos cost wayyy more. There was one year where we decided to make a last minute trip to ocean city. Trying to save money and all, we actually thought, hey, we’ll just get a room when we get there, if we decide to stay. If anything, we’ll just head out to salisbury to find a room. Big mistake. We thought all was fine and dandy because we saw endless vacancy signs when we got there. By the end of the evening, we decided to stay the night and everything was booked!! We stopped at endless hotels. One place offered us their last room at 350 or some awful amount. geesh! I’d rather sleep in the car and go jet skiing or something! At this time, we weren’t 21 YET, which made things a PAIN in the ass. Most rooms required you to be 21 and we were just a few months away. Point is, we searched and searched and finally found a room in Salisbury at 3 or 4 in the morning. They gave us a discount since check out was at noon, which was really nice of them. It was just dumb and awful, and I’ve made an effort to avoid such issues ever again. Unfortunately, booking ahead isn’t good enough cuz rooms still cost a fortune. So I’ve realized booking MONTHS in advanced is the way to go. I’m finding that sometimes a condo deal can be cheaper than a hotel deal at the beach. Unfortunately, there seems to be a 25 yr age limit to many of these and I’m getting turned away yet again! Like whaaaat?! Oh yes, I’m sure those drunk 35 yr olds at the bar hitting on 18 yr olds and running a muck in the streets are just wayyyy more responsible than I am. Thanks dicks.
ANYWAY, the whole point of my rant is really that I hate being young, even though I’m supposed to love it. After going through college, I’ve realized how much I miss being a kid. When I was younger, I was so eager to grow up. I wanted to cross the street without holding mommy’s hand, or pour my own juice and prove I wouldn’t spill it. I wanted to be a teenager and do all the cool things older kids could do. And then I wanted to learn to drive, and have said freedom to go anywhere I wanted. I wanted to get a job, make some money and spend it as I pleased. I was desperate to be 21 and buy my own alcohol, and get a friggin room without being harassed. I wanted to “grow up” and get through high school, go to college, finish college, find a job, get married and have kids. I had this god awful plan since I was a kid to succeed in this so called “growing up” thing. What the freak was I thinking?… When I was in middle school, I wished for my elementary school teachers and how they babied me. When I was in high school, I wished for naptime in the middle of the school day. When I was in college, I wished for my elementary school homework and tests. My poor college days would leave me wishing for mommy to cook me food or at least a $5 kid deal at the movies instead of the outrageous $10. Now, after college, I’m dreading ever leaving. Who knew the real world would be so cruel? Loans and bills are driving me off the walls, and finding a “real” job has simply turned into migraines and heartburn. I miss being a kid. Back when my biggest worry was whether or not my mom would let me buy something from the ice cream truck. I feel like I spend so much time going back and forth, reliving the past, and hoping for the future, that I feel so stuck. I want to live in the now, but it’s so hard that I find myself disappearing to the past or the future, which is totally not helping my present. Point is, time to stop dreaming about what it used to be like, daydreaming about what I hope it’ll be like, and JUST friggin DO IT.

cha ching

Attempting to do my taxes this year. AW BY MISEF.
This could just turn into a disaster, but it could also just be a piece of cake. I’m using the free online software to give it a go. I never should have told them in my profile that I have no clue what I’m doing cuz now, every page or so, they’ll be like, uh are you sure you don’t want to buy the better software, so we can walk you through it? I think this ones doing the job just fine. Now, all I gotta do is get past the friggin income section. argh.
Anyways, I hope this goes well, cuz last year, due to needing paperwork for my loans, my parents hired someone do to it and it cost $100 friggin bucks. My mom said she watched them do it and it seemed like a piece of cake, although she couldn’t figure it out herself. I wanted to just go buy turbo tax and see if I could figure it out, but then I found out there’s this free stuff I can use sooo FREE sounds better to me! *crossing fingers* and hoping I don’t mess this up. I want my tax $$ back!!


RIP Klappy.
With the help of my cousin, I found out that Klappy can’t be fixed. She stopped charging and I was crossing my fingers, hoping it was the charger’s fault…but it turns out it’s Klappy. She’s no longer under warranty and I’ve only had her for not even two years.This makes me sick. How in nations did this happen?! I LOVED her! I have a feeling she overheated to the point that she melted something. She got quite hot, even on a flat surface, so I’m not even sure if there’s anything else I could have done. I shut her off, kept her off fabric and on my hello kitty laptop desk, I don’t get it. Dell wants me to buy a new motherboard for at least $350 or so. uhhh… might as well just get a new one. WHICH I CANT DO. Thanks a lot Dell. I’m sure I’ll be shopping with you soon. hmph.
I probably won’t invest for another year or so. I’m getting a good amount done with my phone but I can’t use word or watch online tv, so that’s a problem. I can watch online tv on my daddy’s desktop, but it doesn’t have word…and it’s slow and virus filled. I’m just glad I don’t have school. Being in school made things more difficult.I wouldn’t mind switching to a mac, but I just need it to come down in price and I need it to run SIMS. But we’ll see what the future brings.


So I think I have another cavity. Or two.
I have no clue what my problem is. I brush my teeth every night and day, floss and all that crap, yet I seem to have an issue with cavities. So…  I think its time I invest in an electric toothbrush. I’ve been putting it off for so long now cuz I can’t stand the fact that I have to rely on a machine to clean my teeth. I figured that if I brushed efficiently enough, it could do just as well. But I guess not. Also, they cost so friggin much to begin with and then youre supposed to change their heads every 2-3 months which gets really expensive!! I know there’s some you can get for $20 but I don’t know if it’ll solve my teeth cleaning problem. Bf talked me out of getting a cheap one I saw at Target for $15. It was their up brand but hey, why not? He talked some sense into me telling me that if I was gonna invest in one I should prolly do some research first, and not just buy cuz its cheap…cuz I do that. a lot.
So I’ve been reading and I think I’ve found two I’d be willing to invest in. The cost of them stings a little, but I wanna think of it as a monthly payment sort of deal. It makes it hurt less. Also, after watching my dad go through the process of getting dentures, Im thinking this will be worth it in the long run.
There’s the oral b professional care smart series 5000. It’s got a small brush and is apparently light weight for its size. And its got the standard 2 minute timer along with a quad timer.  It also comes with some kind of digital clock which doesn’t seem that important to me. It’s on amazon for about $110. That’s like 9 bucks a month for a year.
And then there’s the Philips sonicare flexcare plus. This one has all the features the other one has but it includes some kind of uv sanitizer. I’m not a big clean freak or anything but I do think this is a cool feature to have. It’s also got a bigger toothbrush head which some may argue to be a bad thing cuz it doesn’t get in all the tiny crevices. Anyway, this is supposed to be best seller and its on amazon for $138. Ouch. Then again, that’s only like 11-12 bucks a month for a year…
Decisions decisions.
Any recommendations?

Restless legs

I’m starting to feel like I’m the only one who has this problem. If I sit too still for even a minute, my legs have the tendency to fall asleep. It’s miserable to sit there and watch tv… of course, it probably has something to do with the way I’m sitting… I usually sit criss cross apple sauce or at least with one leg tucked under the other. I know its a bad habit, but I can’t seem to get comfortable otherwise. But I’m always stumbling away from a chair cuz I cant get my legs to “wake up”…and then ill possibly stub my toe. And that’s about when my foot starts to “wake up”…right in time to feel the pain. To top it all off, I have cracky ankles. The crack all the friggin time its kinda freaky. Sometimes they’ll crack every step I take down the stairs.
I just have bad legs.