Gurgle Gurgle Swish Swish

So I’ve been trying to be more conscious of taking care of my teeth and such to prevent cavities and one day ending up like my dad. I decided I’d give mouth wash a go. I really couldn’t recall why I didn’t like the stuff, I just remember having bad experiences with it. Well I went and got a Target knock off brand and boy was I in for a treat. I didn’t last 5 seconds swishing that stuff around my mouth. Weak, I know. I hear it’ll get better as I use it more, but it still sucks. I was gonna get the no alcohol listerine kind, but I didn’t wanna feel like a whimp and I figured it wouldnt be as effective. But I am a whimp and now I want it. hmph. Just gotta get through this bottle. Thank gawd I bought the smaller bottle.
I did find that this stuff wakes me up really well. After I did my 6 second(yay!) swish this morning, my eyes shot open and I was ready to go. Of course its not substitute or coffee, so ill have to keep up with this habit just to work off stains.


Im not a big fan of the winter to spring transition. It’s too much. We’re going from 70 to 50 to 70 to 40 to 60 degree weather. Not to mention all the April rain showers. Its no good for my immune system nor my skin and I’m just crossing my fingers hoping I don’t get sick. I woke up in 30 degree weather this morning and it took me 20 mins to roll outta my nice warm bed. I can’t wait for the weather to be nice and stay nice.