I experienced my first earthquake today. I never woke up to the small one last year, but this one had me freaking out. At first, I thought it had to do with the construction outside, maybe they ran into the building by accident. I was still trying to decide between shoving the kids under the tables or running outside to avoid getting hit by a bulldozer. Eventually, I screamed for everyone to get under the table, which probably wasn’t helpful. I let my fear get the best of me and ended up scaring some kids. That whole stay calm and collected in an emergency so you don’t frighten the kids thing just doesn’t work for me. If I had been at home, I probably would’ve been fine, but having 40 mini lives flash before my eyes, put me into panic mode. I had heartburn all afternoon and I still have some thinking about it. Yeesh. We do fire drills and emergency weather drills every year, but you never think its ever gonna happen. Guess anything can happen in good ol Md. Luckily, the only casualty was a fallen mini plant garden the preschoolers made. Meh, who needs herbology anyway?