Rays the Steaks

Unfortunately unimpressed.
Now don’t get me wrong, the steak was wonderful. They really do know how to do their meat, but I found the service and ambiance to be very mediocre. The restaurant was loud and awkwardly set up. I felt like I had to maneuver though a maze to find the bathroom. and when I finally awkwardly made it through tight tables to the bathroom, i was kinda grossed out by the massive overflow of trash coming out of all the trash cans. Ew.
Our server came out and immediately started talking about the meat as if we had never been there before, which my brother had, and its not like my rents understood anyway. Spent, I swear a good 5mins talking about it… It got difficult looking interested. and then he asks if we’ve ever been there before… Okay, chew my ear off about your restaurant, and then ask me if I’ve heard your schpeel.He came off as a bit cold and cocky. Didn’t like it. I felt like the lady who refilled my water was friendlier. And I think he was a little deaf cuz I called after him pretty loudly, but he never heard. That could just have to do with how loud the restaurant is.
And I know its steaks and all, but my mom hated her salmon. Flavorless and tough is how she described it. Also, I’m not sure if its a common thing, but there were little things in my wine…maybe the pieces of the cork at the bottom? Bleh.  So they have wonderful steak and sides, but most of everything else was meh for me. I think id rather go to the butcher and cook it at home myself…. Or fly to cali for some ad hoc and house of prime rib. Mmmmm.
Oh, and I also got some friendly reminders as to why I don’t eat at nice restaurants with my dad:
1. He doesn’t wear clothes outside of his company polos.
2. He tries to wear the napkin like a bib.
3. Before getting yelled at by his children, he attempted to pull out a q-tip and clean his ears after dessert, complaining that ee rushed him after the shower.