Rays hell burger


What’s all the fuss about?! Went there cuz a friend claimed it would bring new meaning to the word “burger”, and yes it did. The wait wasn’t awful when we got there, but it picked up fast and seats were difficult to get. I was unamused by how rude people were in this small cramped area. No, this time it wasn’t the service, it was the Arlington customers! Rude much? I think so.
My friend loved his whatever marrow burger. I stuck with the simple little devil cheeseburger cuz that just seemed like the thing to try. If you can’t get a basic cheeseburger right, then you just fail. The meat was pretty good cuz it was nice, juicy and thick. My friend kept claiming that they take leftover meat from rays the steaks. Unfortunately that just doesn’t sound all that appetizing to me, so I don’t see how that’s something to brag about. But anyway, they failed in the condiment department because I had to get my own mayo. What? Even five guys will put it on for me so that I can bite into my juicy hot burger instead of pushing through a crowd while my burger gets cold. Yeesh. And a good toasted bun is KEY in my burgers. They’re bun tasted like it was taken right out of a bag! Disappointing! Their fries were nothing special and their sweet potato fries were mediocre to say the least. I enjoyed my thick chocolate milkshake, but it was a bit on the sweet side. Overall, its definitely not something I’d push and shove my way to get to, but yes, their burgers do contain a good meat.

Black Friday

This year was probably the best one yet. I didn’t go for any electronics, which probably explained how easy it was. We started at the outlets at 9. It was awesome!  A few stores opened at 9, then more stores opened every hour until midnight when all of them opened. All the stores I wanted to go to were open by the time I got to them so it worked out perfectly. I got great deals on great things and got most of my Xmas shopping done. The stores and lines weren’t as crowded until much later. It was really nice going into stores where all the clothes are still neat and not tossed around. By the time I left at 1:00, the parking lot was packed full of crazy people. Thank gawd I missed that crowd. We made our way back towards Frederick Walmart which looked like a hurricane hit it. I was able to snag a cheap vacuum and toys for kiddies. I unfortunately was too pooped to go on any further. This 7am job really affects my sleep schedule and I’m no longer able to stay up much past 11pm, let alone 3am.
So yes, I wimped out early this year and was I’m bed by 4am, but overall I was still able to get amazing deals without top much push and shove. I think this might be my game plan next year as well if I’m not fighting for an electronic(which I’m thinking I might prefer to do over amazon or cyber Monday anyway).