Friday the 13th

Now I’m not usually a superstitious person, but from the full moon to Friday the 13th, this week has been horrible to me. It’s as if everything that could go wrong, went wrong and nothing went right. And I’m pretty sure its not just me. A lot of people around me seem to have it just as bad. From poop accidents to car accidents, its been CrAzY! Think I’m just gonna stay in tonight, sleep off the week, and hope all this horrendous luck ends with the weekend.



Sometimes I take living so close to dc for granted. It’s been a while since I’ve gone, but last weekend we headed into the city and visited the botanic gardens. Of course, its not the best season, but the inside was still pretty cool. I fell in love with all the orchids. Sooo pretty. These guys must be good at what they do. My mom can barely keep one alive for a season, and these guys manage to take care of so many varieties of orchids..and they’re so pretty!!
We also did a short trip to the air and space, which was much more interesting compared to when I went as a kid.
Anyways, I’d still like to go into the city and see a bunch of museums. They’re right there! And I haven’t even seen them all. Plus, they make for a nice cheap date so you can splurge on dinner. We went to capital grille for dinner and yeah its a chain but it was aweeesome! We started with the calamari which could’ve been our meal cuz it was so big. And a big plus cuz there were lots of tentacles. I had a kona crusted steak while the bf got the filet mignion. We shared sides of mashed potatoes and mac and cheese. It all just melted in my mouth and I’m drooling just thinking about it… Worth every penny. Service and ambiance was just right. :-)



We went to the ice show today at gaylord national because I had purchased a living social deal on a whim. I have to say, what they do is pretty awesome, but would I go again? Probably not. The theme was merry madagascar based on the dreamworks movie. Apparently 40 skilled ice carvers are flown over from China to show off their mad ice skills. It’s cool and all but I didn’t find it all that interesting. At the end, they have a nativity scene carved out of ice, which I thought was pretty religious move on the designers part, but w/e. It just wasn’t worth an hour drive.