Everyone and their mother

Instead of heading straight for the water aisle, this is what we came out of hmart with. yes… priorities 😛 Everyone seems to be going nuts over sandy and I’m really not sure what to make of it. I have about 15 gallons of water in the garage so I’m not really worried about running out of water. And I have enough ramen and non perishables to last me weeks… I think the only thing I’m low on are batteries. But I’ve got plenty of candles.
I don’t think she’ll be too bad… But then again, ya never know.


Unnecessary but necessary

I don’t think I can handle a job behind the desk. I spend half of my day behind my desk doing paper work and the other half in a classroom supervising… Yet somehow I’m spending so much of my time doing unnecessary online shopping! Well, okay, not exactly unnecessary… Today I bought a rice washer thingie. I’m a total Asian fail. I can’t seem to wash rice without half of it falling out into the sink. I would always get yelled at by my mom, but now that I’ve moved out I can only hang my head in disappointment that I’m a fail at rice washing. I also got rice scoopers which is more of a must in my life. And my final purchase of the day is an egg ring for the frying pan. You just can’t make a good breakfast sandwich without a ring! Actually, that’s not true, I’ve just always wanted to try it to see how I like it. I’m hoping it’ll make flipping the egg a little easier… Unnecessary but necessary online shopping. Back to work.