Dirty Car

So my car looks gross after spitting rain and wet snow… But I can’t bring myself to take it to a car wash or anything because it’s never made sense to me… It’s gonna rain on Friday… so why bother? There’s always some kind of rain in the forecast so it’s really hard for me to spend that $10 on getting my car washed just to have it squeaky clean for a few days before it rains. The inside of my car however… is a completely different story >_< I used to have a problem with a small messy bedroom… you can’t imagine what the inside of my car looks like.



Mechanic roomie told me that it’s important to get a car wash at least once after winter to make sure you get all the salt off the bottom of your car to prevent rusting. Ya learn somethin new everyday.

2 thoughts on “Dirty Car

  1. mim says:

    Huh interesting. Does that mean in areas with no salt on the roads it’s not necessary? Or I suppose still good idea anyway?

  2. special k says:

    hm good question. I feel like it would be cuz you never know whats on the road…

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