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We had to say good bye to Marley :-( He had to go live with his grandmother. He seemed to be having an issue with peeing and pooping in the basement.I think he had an issue with the basement being Diesel’s territory. At first it wasn’t all that bad, but it got worse and worse so he had to go.


I’m honestly not okay with it, but I know it’s not my call to make since I don’t own the house or anything. I knew when he came it was a trial period where they were going to test his relationship with Diesel and he seemed to be fine!… Except that he’d eat all of Diesel’s food when he wasn’t looking… that’s Diesel’s fault for being so picky though. Spoiled dog won’t eat his dinner unless you mix some kind of lunch meat in with it. But he’s been here for months and was like my own dog! He’d cuddle with me after work until his owner went to bed. I still don’t understand why the basement door couldn’t just be kept shut but again, not like I own the place.

I struggled for the first few days… then I went out and found a replacement. Meet Betta Marley Jr. and his African Dwarf friends Ziggy and Damion. Actually, that’s just Ziggy cuz Damians a bit more shy, but he’s coming around. They’re obviously harder to cuddle with, but the aquarium set up and betta/ dwarf frog research has done a good job of getting my mind off of Marley. The African Dwarf Frogs are actually kind of a pain to feed. At first, I tried to feed them with chopsticks, but I couldn’t find long enough chopsticks here, and my hand would eventually hurt from holding their food over their head. And possible asian fail, but it was really difficult to grasp individual blood worms. BF ordered these long plant tweezers which are much easier to use. Feeding time is a breeze. I was worried for a bit that they wouldn’t get along, but they usually keep to themselves. Sometimes ziggy and damian get a little crazy with their swimming and get in marley jr’s space and he’ll start flaring, but overall they seem to get along. They’re such silly little critters. Sometimes they’ll fall over and play dead (Marley couldn’t even do that!) and then sometimes they’ll swim like crazy maniacs all over the place with no real objective (very Marley like).

marleyjr     ziggy

They’ve been a good distraction, but I still miss Marley and am googling samoyed puppies on a daily basis. Luckily, Marley is coming home this weekend to visit while is grandmother is out of town. YAY! CUDDLE TIME!

4 thoughts on “My Mogley

  1. Leaf says:

    Aww, sorry Marley had to go. I understand the feeling of missing him. I miss Whitlow and we’re just on vacation. Those are some cool pets you got there though. Where did you get them? Live plants? How big is the tank?

  2. mim says:

    awww poor Marley!
    He’s a sweet dog!

  3. special k says:

    I got the froggies and live plants from congressional aquarium and the betta from petco. I didnt like the bettas i saw at congressional aquarium. the tanks a simple 5 gallon.

  4. Leaf says:

    The 2 bettas I got from Congressional 1.5 yrs ago didn’t last but a few months.

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