Two hours of my life wasted

Our new IT Director is a tard. Seriously. Dufus. We’ve been stuck with a few problems for a couple of weeks with outlook and our color printer. Now, yes, I’ve googled these issues and tried to find answers on how to fix them, but it seems to be out of my league. So hey, we hired this new fancy IT guy who’s supposed to be amazing, so why not use him for what he’s paid for? Well, I found out , after losing two hrs of my work day, he’s an idiot. I spend forever trying to explain my problem to him (AGAIN) and he still can’t seem to get it. So I leave him for a while and let him mess around with my laptop for a bit. At the end of two hrs he says”Well I tried to fix the problem so you don’t have to bring it into my office, but I made the problem worse and now your email isn’t working.” And then after looking at the printer, he says “print another test run… ok that’s worse too” and runs out of there not resolving a thing. What the hell are we paying you for?!
My boss was right. She told me just cuz people look good on paper, doesn’t mean they’re actually good at what you want to hire them for. She said she looks at lots of resumes and for some reason, a lot of the fancy schamcy ones usually turn out to be awful candidates for the job. UGH