sums up my day

preschooler: *comes in from outside screaming*There’s something in my pants!There’s something in my pants!
me: What? Did you get a woodchip in your pants?
preschooler: I don’t know.*goes in stall* Oh come look!! There IS something in my pants!!
me: What is it?*now thinking it’s a bug*
preschooler: I don’t know
me: omg…you pooped in your pants!!
preschooler: ohh it’s everywhere!!
me: why aren’t you wearing underwear?!
preschooler: I don’t know… It was dirty this morning so I took it off.

4 thoughts on “sums up my day

  1. mim says:

    This is disgusting. Just wow. Aren’t they supposed to be potty trained?!?!

  2. mim says:

    I feel like you need a new blog post to get the imagery for this one outta my head. :)

    Btw, after all this time I finally noticed that the background goes from dark blue to orangey on this theme, hence dusk to dawn. :p

  3. yut says:

    lol. I like how he had no clue what was in his pants.

  4. Leaf says:

    I don’t see it going from blue to orange. It just stays blue for me.

    Also yeah, how did he no know he had a turd in his pants. I think he knew. I also think he needs to retake potty training 101.

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