The bf and I decided to do start a 3 day juice cleanse. We found a groupon deal for Jus by Julie and ordered away.

We agreed that it was time to try and start eating better and taking care of ourselves. We started exercising more, but eating healthy was so hard. With exercise, you just want meat meat meat! So we decided to start a cleanse, rid our bodies of all the sugar, salt and grease it’s constantly craving (god, that sounds amazing right now), and hopefully start eating healthier. Now to google healthy eats. I seem to struggle with finding good healthy recipes that fit our budget and that we’ll actually enjoy eating, so I’m hoping this cleanse will help make the healthy eats more appealing 😛

It came right on time Friday AM, and we started our cleanse Saturday. My first mistake: not taking off work. I’m sure working is totally fine through a cleanse, but working at a cupcake shop? oh heck no. I can’t remember the last time any of these cupcakes appealed to me in any shape or form, but yesterday? Every single cupcake a customer ordered sounded heavenly. And when they asked me what I’d recommend? EVERYTHING! THEY ALL SOUND AMAZING RIGHT NOW. It was pure torture watching them munch down on a red velvet as I sipped on my acai berry juice. Even the fondant looked delicious!!  Not to mention, it seemed to be an evening where everyone wanted Five Guys, which is the worse smell to have around when you’re trying to eat healthy. I also had a headache throughout the day, but I’m not sure if that was from the vodka the night before or the lack of coffee 😛

We’re on day two right now and I’m HANGRY… sike. no, but really, I really want something to chew on. I actually woke up feeling pretty good and energized. The first juice of the morning is the WORSE. Morning glory? We call it moaning glory. We just try to get it down as fast as possible. Bf can chug it down all at once,but   it takes me 5 solid chugs to get the stuff down- torturous. It’s a blend of romaine, celery, spinach, apple, kale, banana, strawberry and water. uhm, so where’s the apple, banana and strawberry? cuz all i taste is celery and lettuce. The third and sixth drink of the day, sweet spin(spinach,kale,pineapple,banana,mango) taste better to me, but still not my favorite. Maybe I’m just not a green juice kind of person. I’m looking forward to starting juice 2 which is a lemonade cayenne blend. delish!

We’ve actually been “cheating” by having a some egg whites and carrots in the afternoon and evening, but I don’t think I could complete this cleanse without it. Yes, I just don’t have that kind of self control, but I also don’t want my body to think I’m starving it or anything. They say there’s plenty of protein in these juices, but I just need something to noms on.  I’ll never look at an egg white or carrot the same way again. It feels like the best thing I’ve eaten in forever. The sensation kind of reminds me of eating when camping. When you finally get to sit down and grab a bite to eat in the woods, it’s like the food came out of a five start restaurant it tastes so amazing.

Hopefully we’ll survive through day 3. We have egg whites, sandwiches and salads to start off our system once it’s over and I can’t wait to chomp on something crunchy again.


5 thoughts on “Cleanse

  1. Leaf says:

    You’re tougher than me! I would’ve eaten the cupcake! Good luck!

  2. mim says:

    omg a cleanse! Good luck! :)

  3. mim says:

    I love green juice. Gosh the thought of only green juice is tough, but green juice is delicious. I go to a juice place sometimes to get my fix but holy goodness gracious is it expensive!

  4. mim says:

    So… how’d the cleanse go? :)
    Deets, K!

  5. Leaf says:

    Yeah! Does juice cleansing give you the runs?

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