I was telling my mom about my juice cleanse and she told me she had a juice mixer somewhere in the basement. We go downstairs and dig around and I find out that she has a ten year old unopened Vita-Mix sitting underneath a bunch of junk. WHAT?! I brought it back to my place and cracked it open. SO FRIGGIN EXCITED to try it! I’m sure it’s not as amazing and high-tech as the latest version, but it sure can do more than my dinky little magic bullet knock off from target.
Maybe with this, I’ll substitute occasional meals for juices every now and then… maybe :-)


So we survived the cleanse. I have to say, it was quite the experience. Afterwards, it wasn’t hard getting back into solid foods at all. Everything tasted wonderful. We made sandwiches for lunch everyday and tried different “healthy” meals for dinner.The first day off the cleanse we had cereal, sandwiches, carrots and a chicken salad for dinner. Everything tasted amazing, but I also realized we had to make our portions smaller since our stomachs had shrunk and it didn’t take much to get us full.
I think one thing I realized during the cleanse is that sometimes I just eat to eat. Especially at work, there’s a chocolate box and snacks in the kitchen that people just go into all the time. You get offered a piece of candy and you just take it without even questioning whether you actually want it. I surprised myself with the amount of self control I had after the cleanse. My boss bought the office lunch and I surprised myself when I opted out for my turkey avocado sandwich while everyone munched on fried goodness. I thought it was going to be hard, but I think after getting those cravings out of my system, I don’t feel as tempted to have the fried goodness. We did take a break from the health craze and had a costco pizza on Friday night, but I think indulging every now and then can’t hurt. I don’t think I’ll be doing another cleanse any time soon, but I think this might be something I may want to do for my body once a year. I think it’s worth it just to reset my system and have a new found appreciation for food.