I was telling my mom about my juice cleanse and she told me she had a juice mixer somewhere in the basement. We go downstairs and dig around and I find out that she has a ten year old unopened Vita-Mix sitting underneath a bunch of junk. WHAT?! I brought it back to my place and cracked it open. SO FRIGGIN EXCITED to try it! I’m sure it’s not as amazing and high-tech as the latest version, but it sure can do more than my dinky little magic bullet knock off from target.
Maybe with this, I’ll substitute occasional meals for juices every now and then… maybe :-)

5 thoughts on “Vita-Mix

  1. mim says:

    Wow super fancy!
    Smoothies! Actually you can probably make peanut butter too, but cleanup might be annoying.

  2. Leaf says:

    Cool! Report back later and let us know how you like it. If it’s counter worthy.

  3. mim says:

    Yes, what are you making with it? :)

  4. yut says:

    I still can’t imagine needing a fancy blender. But I thought the same about a hand blender under I got one. Hand blenders are the best.

  5. yut says:

    How’s it coming with the Vita-Mix? Is it part of your life now?

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