Is there such a site? I’m too scared to find out, but I should submit to it if there is. Today she was typing up a write up and turned around and asked me “Can you google _____ to find out how it’s spelled?” WHAT?!… uhhhhhh okay, I get that I’m faster at typing and finding things, but the chrome button is RIGHT there! You’re really incapable of opening up a browser as you’re typing in another window?! -_- I love my job but sometimes I feel like I’m babysitting the computer illiterate.


YAY! I got a snow day!!!! Nothing better than sitting at home, under the covers, doing absolutely nothing! woohoo!… I should finish my taxes though. At least I can do it next to a nice warm fire. I ran out and picked up a bunch of firewood last night cuz I was afraid of the power going out. So far, so good, but I hear the winds are supposed to pick up in a few hours, so we’ll see!
YAY! SNOW DAY!! Better late than never!

Lazy Day

Guess what I did all day yesterday? Laid in bed. ALL DAY. well I folded a little bit of laundry and loaded the dishwasher, but other than that, I stayed under my covers all day and it felt AWESOME. My boss has been out of town on vacation, and of course, the second she leaves, everything falls to shit. Yesterday was my first breath of fresh air… even though I stayed in bed all day, I felt like I could actually breathe again! I can’t wait for my next lazy day!!!

Dr. What?

Went to my parents doctor today to treat a uti. They switched doctors, but it’s still an old asian man, leaving me uneasy and what not. I had to ask the nurse if she needed my urine sample! She then asked me why? and I had to explain to her my situation. You think they would’ve made note of it on my chart when I called in to make the appointment. Ugh, as if I wasn’t about to pee myself already! So the doctor didn’t bother to test my urine at all, and patted my stomach and my back, asked me if i was allergic to anything, then handed me to prescription. He said he was going to test my urine later. WHAT?… thanks. Shoulda just handed me the prescription off the bat. Could’ve saved me tons of time.
As much as I want to break off and start getting my own insurance, it’s so much cheaper to stay under my parents right now. And why not stay under quality insurance while I still can?? Sure, I gotta put up with stupid old grandpas as doctors, but I dont know that I could afford to live after buying health insurance through my company >_< oy

what a tease

I hate this lack of snow. What happened to the huge amount of snow we were supposed to receive this year due to the lack of snow last year?? What?! If you’re going to snow, stop giving me this less than an inch crap and gimme something BIG!!… although… this really would come back and bite me in the butt since I now have a driveway to shovel…. At least I get to park in the garage ^.^

Slow Poke

I’ve been having trouble getting up lately. I don’t know if it’s because it’s so cold out or what. I hit my snooze button at least 5 times in the morning and wait till I should be leaving for work to get up and get ready. Then I’m speeding down the road and running late for work. I have no clue what my problem is. Even if I do manage to get up early, I still can’t manage to get out the door in time. I used to be 10 minutes early for work, not 10 minutes late. Luckily my boss hasn’t said anything to me… but this has gotta stop! I feel like I’m in high school all over again!!

Addicted to the fear

I NEVER watch scary movies. EVER. I’m a total wimp at this stuff. I used to get nightmares cuz I would stay up late watching x-files with my dad. I can still picture this freaky alien in my head every time I think about it. I remember sleeping in my parents room for 2 weeks when I watched the Japanese version of The Ring in middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL!! yeesh. I really avoid scary movies now at all costs. I won’t even watch the previews! However, the bf and I got suckered into watching The Walking Dead, and now we can’t stop. The first night we watched it, I couldn’t sleep. I kept waking up thinking a zombie was gonna eat me, and I made sure to wake the bf up every time so I’d be comforted back to sleep. TOTAL WIMP I tell ya.  Then I started making sure that I watched some kind of comedy after completing two episodes at night. After the second night, this usually helped me fall asleep. I also try to distract myself with my phone during the scary parts, but I know I’m secretly peeking at the screen. We’ve finally made it through both seasons and we’re dying for more!! I still need the comedic relief afterwards to forget about the zombies and such, but I’m soo addicted.


I’ve been on a sort of “vacation” these past three weeks… as in I’ve been working FIVE days a week instead of seven… and I have to say, it’s been amazing! All the college kids came back and wanted to work, and I had friends and family in town, so I had my part time gig take me off the schedule. I was supposed to go back last weekend, but they forgot to put me back on the schedule, and I honestly didn’t care to go back. I didn’t know it was like to have a weekend until now! I slept in on my Saturdays and Sundays, got chores done, went grocery shopping, and caught up on my tv! The only draw back is that my wallet is much smaller than I can handle, so sadly, I must return to my 7 day work week. I’m fumbling with my finances to see if I can pull off having a weekend again, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. I think my time is better spent making money than sitting around the house watching tv… I just have to keep telling myself that! I guess I’ll just start taking days off from my full time gig to make up for it 😛 At least I have some vacation days to spare.