I really am THAT special

So just last night, I discovered just how much I live up to my nickname…

My roommate comes into my room with a belated gift and I’m in bed with my laptop typing away. I lay my laptop next to me and i open the gift. After the gift opening, I feel the need to get off my bed and give her a hug. So keep in mind, my bed is about a good three feet above the ground. I can always adjust it, but I have a small drawer and other junk under it, so having it up so high has it’s perks. Anyways, I get off my bed, and instead of getting onto my stool, I go for the closer height, my wobbly chair. I really don’t know what fool invented these things. I get rocking chairs, but these?! are just down right dumb. Even dumber is the person who put them in dorm rooms. Like I’m really gonna need to lean that far back in a chair… let alone a really uncomfortable chair.


Now it would’ve been fine…had I stepped on my chair without my blanket covering it. but of course I get on it and slip on my blanket and fall sideways crashing right on the floor. To make it worse, I some how drag my laptop down with me cracking the monitor on its way down. Honestly, I would’ve much preferred to break a bone than my laptop screen. I’m pretty sure my bones are intact but my thigh has a huge bruise, which I won’t share, and my back is in more pain than necessary.I was so upset because I was in the middle of typing a paper as well. Well after spending half and hour trying to click on my login so I could type in my password and get in, I finally get back to my paper.

cracked screen

Of course, everything needs to be minimized and squeezed into the smallĀ  corner of my laptop I can see, but it works. And the color is just awful. I feel like I went color blind. Mim and bf advises to get a monitor in the meantime. I can’t exactly afford to send my laptop away during the last few weeks of class and exams. Oy…there goes everyone’s christmas presents.

EDIT: So on my way to work, it’s dark and wet out… totally just slipped on the stairs near the parking lot. Don’t know how I did it, but I completely missed the last stair and the next thing I know I’m on the ground squeezing my now slightly swollen ankle. Great part is, it’s the same leg as my swollen thigh. Fabulous.

From Q-Tips to Birth Control

So talk about special…

Last night…I’m cleaning out my ears with a q-tip and out it comes…cottonless. I’m frantically freaking out, trying to yank it out of my ear and feeling nothing. I ask my roommate to look in my ear to see if it’s deep in cuz I might haveĀ  just ended up pushing it in further. She says she can’t see anything and that I probably just pushed it in while trying to get it. So I’m freaking out all night trying to get it out, thinking I’m making it worse by the minute. Eventually I sleep on it, not really feeling well and my ear just starts to feel sore.
So today I make my appointment to the health center after class and they claim it’ll only take 20mins, cuz I tell them I have to get to work. Lady was like “oh no you’ll be fine!” Took a friggin hour. When I finally get to meet with the doctor she gives me the longest lecture on birth control. Well gee, I’m sorry I can’t afford $16 a month on my hourly wage. Maybe I’ll give up having dinner. Yeah yeah yeah it’s a shame I can’t use my insurance. Tell me something I don’t know. Turns out they’re really competitive with Planned Parenthood and seemed very concerned about losing me to them (again). So eventually I give in and purchase two packs of Cryselle, which the doc was apparently a big fan of and highly recommended. So FINALLY the woman gets to my ear. Checks me out and says I have two perfectly healthy ears. The ringing sensation and uncomfortable feeling I felt was probably from poking and probing at it for so long. Fabulous. So I run out there almost late for work, $70 off my insurance, $32 outta my pocket, and wondering why she never asked me about the high blood pressure the nurse was freaking out about. I’m assuming it’s just stress from school…or just the fact that I get nervous when they’re taking my blood pressure. Cuz I think too much about whether I’m breathing calmly and just end up panicking and shoot up my blood pressure. They’ve got to invent a new way to measure that stuff cuz I can’t go through one of those without freaking out a little.


Sleepless Mornings

I am so sick of this.

I’ve been waking up at random hours of the morning before my alarm goes off and it’s bugging the heck outta me. One thing I hate the most is being woken up within an hour before my alarm goes off. It irks the heck outta me and it’ll usually make me grumpy for most of the day. But now I’m waking up throughout the morning before my alarm goes off and it’s driving me insane. I think it’s built up anxiety since I slept through work one time and a month later was 2 hours late for my most important class- my internship. I figured out later that I had to keep my cell phone on my bookshelf away from me instead of in bed with me, so that I wouldn’t subconsciously put it on snooze so many times. But even with that in mind, I still can’t convince my mind to sleep through the mornings. Just Monday I woke up at every hour from 6am-10am and I didn’t even have to get up till 11… The one day of the week I get a 12:30 class and I can’t sleep through the morning. One week, it was every day!! Sometimes it even happens with my naps. I have to take these 40min naps in between class and work otherwise I’m doomed when it comes down to homework time. I wake up in a frenzy, reach for my phone to figure out whether or not I’m late, and then put my phone back, lay back down and try to fall back asleep. It’s nuts and it’s been going on for weeks now and no matter how hard I try, I just can’t get myself to sleep through the morning… and the grumpy days just keep on coming.