wow… I’ve never been so bored outta my mind. I’m taking this winter class that’s Mon-Fri 4 hrs a day. I’m actually sitting in class right now, with a 20 min break…but it’s not like the cafe is open anyway. She’s a sweet professor, though she spent the first hour of class rambling about technology. Some stuff I got, some stuff just flies past my head. It’s a bunch of stuff about technology, standards, media resources, and what not. And apparently I’m supposed to make a movie and teaching portfolio website… so this should be interesting. As tech incompetant as I may be, it’d gotta be in my blood somewhere ­čśŤ cuz we all know the nerdiness from my geeky┬árelatives could easily pass to me in times of need… Right?┬áeheheheh…
We spent┬áthe next┬áhour of class just playing with microsoft office 07. I don’t think she meant for it to happen but she just kept playing with things between word and powerpoint and telling us to mess around with the different things. I didn’t mind it at first cuz I haven’t had a chance to play with Office 07 yet, but geez…it’s not that big of a difference. I can cut and paste and play with pictures… no need to spend an hour on it… gawd I hope these next two hours fly by faster… this break has hit 30mins and she’s still not back yet. boo. thank gawd for my coffee. super warm thanks to my new thermos :-)


It tastes so sweet!

Level one complete.
The endless exams, projects and papers alllll gone! I just submitted my last paper of the semester and I’ve never felt so relieved. I swear my hair was falling out faster than usual these past few weeks. I’d take a shower and have to yank my hair outta the drain right away to avoid freaking out my roommate. Breaking out here and there, having candy for lunch and dinner… finals are just so unhealthy. Stay calm and collected my butt.
Of course my break isn’t going to be for very long though. I’m taking a winter class I can’t afford at the start of January. It shouldn’t be too difficult of a course, having to deal something or other with web design for educational purposes… I have no idea, but as computer unsavy as I am, this one should be simple enough step by step instructions. Either way… I FEEL FREE!